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Children's Science Microscope 1200x Magnification

Children's Science Microscope 1200x Magnification

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 Unleash Curiosity and Explore the Microscopic World!

Introduce your child to the wonders of science with this stand Microscope. Designed for young scientists, this microscope provides a fascinating journey into the microscopic realm, fostering curiosity and a love for discovery.


MULTIPLE MAGNIFICATION - Unlock a world of detail with adjustable magnification - 100x, 600x, and 1200x. Explore various specimens at different scales, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

CRYSTAL-CLEAR IMAGING - Equipped with high-resolution lenses, the microscope captures intricate details with precision. From the delicate structure of plant cells to the fine features of microorganisms, each specimen is revealed in stunning clarity.

MULTI-ANGLE ADJUSTMENT - Carefully designed with ergonomic considerations, the microscope allows for multi-angle adjustments. This feature promotes healthy posture and comfortable exploration, nurturing your child's growth and curiosity.

RICH AND PROFESSIONAL ACCESSORIES - Dive into a world of scientific discovery with a comprehensive set of accessories. From prepared slides to specialized tools, this microscope kit fulfills all your child's needs for science exploration and experimentation.


Material: plastic + electronics

Objective magnification: 100x, 600x,1200x

Size: 20*7*12cm


1 * Stand Microscope

6 *Specimen Stickers

2* Collection Bottles

8* Glass Slides

6*Slide Covers

1 *Collection Box

1* Specimen Box

1 * Tweezers


Adult supervision is recommended, especially for younger children

Batteries  are not included.

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Children's Science Microscope 1200x Magnification