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🔥Magic False Eyelashes Helper

🔥Magic False Eyelashes Helper

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False Eyelashes Kit
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One is all, use it instead of eyeliner and eyelash glue!

SUITABLE FOR ALL EYELASH TYPES - The nib of the self-adhesive eyeliner is very thin, so it doesn't matter what eyelashes such as mink eyelashes or silk fiber eyelashes are. This magical liquid eyeliner can also work normally.

More convenient and save your time, become an expert eyelash artist.

Easy to clean - to remove by remover gel or cleaning oil, you can use your makeup remover to remove the eyeliner if you want.


  • ❣️Safe & Easy Touch-up

The eyeliner can draw smooth lines, with safe ingredients, no magnetism, or glue, to avoid falling into the eyes and aging the eye skin and causing damage. 

  • ❣️Eyelash Glue Pen Black

This diamond clear eyeliner holds your lashes strongly, and you can wear this magnetic eyelash with our magic clear eyeliner instead of glue or magnetic eyeliner for a more natural look.

  • ❣️Extra Strong Hold For Lashes

WATERPROOF & ANTI-SMUDGE - You can use it instead of magnetic eyeliner and eyelash glue. The color is easily blends into the eyelids, creating a soft, natural appearance.

  • ❣️Fast Drying & Strong Hold

Our eyeliner has a very thin nib, which makes it easy to draw smooth and different effects of eyeliner. Waterproof, non-stick, smooth, quick-drying, and Long-lasting for holding a day.

This glitter bling diamond eyeliner eyelash glue pen is a Perfect Gift for Mom, Girlfriend, Grandma, Lover, Daughter, or Wife.


  • Color: Black
  • Net Weight: 25-30g
  • Size: 5.5*0.6in
  • Pen Tube: Full Diamond Gold-plated Shell


  1. Please shake the lash glue pen before each use.
  2. Do not get it in your eyes.
  3. Stop using if you feel unwell.
  4. Keep it away from Children.
  5. When not in use, keep the cap tightly closed and store the pen tip down or store the pen horizontally to prevent the pen from drying out.

🎁It's a perfect gift for your friends & family!

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🔥Magic False Eyelashes Helper