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Effortless Car Cleaning In Just Minutes!

Tired of the lengthy and annoying process of cleaning your car? Well, you’ll never have to endure a dirty car again with our BRAND-NEW Car 360° Swirl Mop!

Our Car 360° Swirl Mop is meticulously crafted to revolutionise your car cleaning routine, sparing you the effort of hand scrubbing, costly professional car washes, and ineffective tools. This state-of-the-art solution boasts remarkable efficiency, making it a swift and user-friendly way to achieve precise and effortless car surface cleaning. Say goodbye to spending thousands of dollars on annual professional car washes!

Trusted By Many Happy Australians

Join the thousands of happy car owners, professional detailers, and automotive enthusiasts who have achieved sparkling clean results within just minutes with the use of our Car 360° Swirl Mop. Whether you are looking to tackle exterior stains, rejuvenate the cars gloss, or simply maintain that shiny look, our car mop will allow you to achieve that professional look within minutes!

Benefits Of Our Car 360° Swirl Mop

✅ Effortlessly Remove Dirt & Grime Off The Car

✅ Anti-Scratch Chenille Fluff Brush

✅ Save Up To Thousands Of Dollars On Car Washes

✅ 4 x Quicker Than The Average Car Washing Tools

✅ 360-Degree Cleaning Action

✅ Adjustable Pressure Control

✅ Compact & Convenient For Storage

Professional Results With Minimal Costs!

With our Car 360° Swirl Mop, you will no longer have to pay thousands yearly for that costly car detailing service or specific cleaning supplies. Our Car 360° Swirl Mop offers a cost-effective solution that can be used whenever you desire, all in your own control. Its versatility allows you to handle a variety of cleaning tasks through a single reliable tool, putting your hard-earned cash back in your wallet. By utilising our Car 360° Swirl Mop, not only will you save substantial amounts of money, but it will also enhance the long-term value and appeal of your vehicle through its brand new sparkly exterior look!

Scratch Free & Automatic Rotation Washing!

Our Car 360° Swirl Mop does not require electricity! Its 360-degree feature functions through waterpower and only requires detergent, cleaning liquid and water when using.

To change the function for a higher-pressure use, remove the brush head and the hydraulic pressure will automatically increase. Its as easy as that!

Our soft chenille brush and bristles will not leave a mark on the car! Enjoy a deep clean without a single scratch on your vehicles finish or coating.

Clean From The Comfort Of Your Home Whenever You Like!

Our Car 360° Swirl Mop is your ultimate time-saving solution. You will no longer have to deal with the hassle of spending hours of your day to shop for the right cleaning tools and products, or taking your car to be professionally cleaned and detailed. Now instead, through the use of our Car 360° Swirl Mop, you will save precious hours and gain ultimate flexibility of cleaning from the comfort of your own home with all the products and tools required in one!

Why wait? Make your life more convenient from today!

Features/Specs Of Our Car 360° Swirl Mop

🚗 360-Degree Cleaning Action: Reach every exterior surface with ease

🛠️ Durable Build: Built to last for years of reliable performance

🙌 Scratch-free Technology: Soft brush and bristles for safe cleaning

💪 Adjustable Pressure Control: Different powered cleaning modes for different surfaces

🔌 Lightweight & Portable: Transport and use with ease

What's Included:

1 x Chenille Fluff Brush

1 x Multi-Function Connector

1 x Water Inlet & Outlet Switch Connector

2 x Middle Link Pole

2 x Faucet Connector

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