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Turn Easy Jar Opener

Turn Easy Jar Opener

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The 1-Turn Easy Jar Opener is the most effective opener in your kitchen! From cans, bottles or jars, this handy opener can surely open them easily. 

It is great for pregnant women, elders or people with arthritis. With the function of leverage principle and anti-slip, you can avoid the risk of harm by gripping bottle lib hardy.

Don't have to buy another set of opening tools anymoreGet the comfortable and easy grip!


  • 1-Turn Easy Open
    Avoids the risk of harm by gripping bottle cap hardly, great for weak hand user, pregnant women and elder.
  • Secure & Effort-Saving
    Reduces pain and stress of hands from breaking factory seal on jars and lids.

    • Universal Opener
      Can apply on different sizes of can, bottle and jar by 3 sizes of hole.
      • Simple Usage
        Very easy way to use for elder, just covers on lib and twists.
      • Anti-Slip Material
        Made of high quality durable ABS material which prevents slipping.
      • Powerful Grip
        Designs with pinion pattern, which grips lib firmly and prevents incident of lib flipping.
        • Anti-Rust, Reusable
          ABS material which is anti-rust and durable that can be used for over 3 years!


        • Material: ABS
        • Size: 14.5 x 8.5 x 6 cm


          • 1 x Turn Easy Jar Opener

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